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The Lamb Foundation for Dysautonomia Research is truly a grassroots collaboration between our family and what we refer to as our "Dream Team" (Drs. Ian Butler & Mohammed Numan-Co Directors of the Dysautonomia Center for Excellence and Ms. Rebecca Martinez, RN, BS, Dysautonomia Research Nurse).  We learned that significant research was being conducted at UTHSC on Dysautonomia and our family wanted to be involved, as we have two children (as well as myself-newly diagnosed!) suffering from Dysautonomia.  One child has mild symptoms while the other's symptoms are severe (causing him to be homebound).  My symptoms are moderate.


There is a great need for financial resources in order for this research to be administered.  Dysautonomia is commonly refered to as "DYS-AUTO-WHAT?"  Our goal is to get Dysautonomia in the mainstream vocabulary and generate much needed funds for Dysautonomia research and awareness.