The Dysautonomia Center for Excellence is located in Houston, TX.  For inquiries, please contact Rebecca Martinez, RN, BS, Dysautonomia Research Nurse at Department of Pediatrics/Division of Child Neurology & Cardiology, 6431 Fannin/MSB 3.153, Houston, TX  77030.  Phone:  832.325.7118.  Fax:  713.500.7101.



*Modern Tilt Table Testing, including near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) of brain and muscle (Numan and Lankford, near completion).

*Cerebrospinal fluid neurotransmitters (Butler, completed).

*Small fiber neuropathy (Moody and Sheikh, completed).

*Atrial septal defects and migraine headaches (Doan, Numan and Barreto).

*Dysautonomia in mitochondrial disorders (Koenig).

*Gastro-intestinal syndromes in Dysautonomia (Van Arsdall).

*DNA studies utilizing whole exome analysis of families (Butler, Numan and Martinez).

*Muscle NIRS and changes during upright posture (Tran and Pabst, completed).

*Immunomodulation treatment protocols (Pacheco).

*Nitric oxide exhalation during tilt table testing (Mosquera and Numan).

*Stroke volume and pulse variablility during tilt table testing (Henry).

*Role of histamine and mast cells in Dysautonomia (Numan and Pacheco).

*Tilt testing in normal adolescents (Gourishankar and Numan).

Drs. Mohammed Numan and Ian Butler are co-investigators on all projects that have been initiated over the past two years at UT Health and with the assistance of Memorial Hermann Hospital, TMC (support for research nurse, Rebecca Martinez).